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What's up, popoway? Q&A - March 2019

The What’s up, popoway? Q&A column, exclusively presented on popoway.me Newsroom, reveals some frequently asked question regarding popoway’s recent milestone events, daily routine as a normal human being, as well as trivia and fun facts. This is the first publishing of this series.
(Some Q&As are only available in certain languages.)

Q: I know a lot of people have asked this question already, but what’s your favorite color?
A: Blue, as usual. (Subject to change)

Q: Have you ever done anything this month that is trivial but it makes you feel it’s a tremendous achievement?
A: I actually realized that I use my phone a lot. Yes, it’s A LOT. So I checked the Screen Time settings on my phone, and turned off notifications for social media. Guess what? The stats went down by 16%!

Q: How’s your 21st birthday going?
A: It was really amazing. My team gave me a very genuine and nice surprise, and so do my coworkers and roommates. Even my insurance company sent me a postcard this year, by which I apparently was shocked.

popoway's roommate gave him a surprise — a personalized chocolate cake.popoway's roommate gave him a surprise — a personalized chocolate cake.

Q: What’s your current Heavy Rotation?
A: Bad Liar by Imagine Dragons. (Play it on Apple Music)

Q: 中文歌呢?
A: 最近无意中摇到了这首《江南》,有些思乡情~ (在 Apple Music 上聆听此作品

Q: But you like Taylor Swift too, if I didn’t remember it wrong.
A: You can like songs from two different artists at the same time, lol.

Q: 最怀念家乡的哪道菜?
A: 当然是鱼香肉丝啦 :D (虽然L君并不是来自四川的说)

Q: You’re working on so much stuff simultaneously. How do you handle them well?
A: Well… Actually I am dying now. I am taking 18 credits this semester, and also working with different clubs, as well as organizing tech-related events. I kinda regret a bit of my choice, since it’s a bit overwhelming, but many of my friends also told me that “you cannot always get everything you want”. So my decision was to maximize the value of limited time.

A group picture of popoway and his parents.A group picture of popoway and his parents.

Q: Which course are you struggling with the most this semester?
A: Intro to College Biology, maybe. But I would list every single class I’m taking right now, if possible. (笑)

Q: Which product do you think is better, iPad mini, or iPad Air?
A: iPad mini.

Q: Why do you choose to switch Apple ID region settings from Mainland China to United States? Any political reasons?
A: This concern will be addressed in a Newsroom press release article later this year, and that’s all I can say for now.

Q: Is there any place that I can see your recent quotes?
A: Yup! I recently created a GitHub repo, and feel free to check it out.

Q: I want to ask a question too, but how do I do that?
A: Throw them here:

popoway Media Helpline
[email protected]
(650) 603-0925